Professional Timeline

Since 1980, Valinda has worked in adult education in Europe (Vienna, Austria), taught grades K-4 in an elementary school (Keller, TX), served as a grades 3-8 educational consultant in a Regional Service Center (Fort Worth, TX), and as a district facilitator for a K-5 Language Arts Department (Bedford, TX). Each opportunity has reminded her of the magic of knowledge whether her partners in learning were 5 or 55.  


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Twitter: @vrkimmel


Consulting or PD session?

Valinda's broad content knowledge, years of experience in the classroom, and her coaching/mentoring know-how make her a highly qualified speaker and  consultant for elementary campus instructional needs.


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Mission Statement

Vision—a world where infinite possibilities reign so that all children can thoughtfully choose a promising future.

Mission—Uberscholar joins with teachers and administrators to amend the barriers children face—poverty, violence, apathy, mediocrity. Uberscholar seeks to leverage the power of collaboration to facilitate innovation, creative anticipation, and persistence so students are empowered to choose a lifetime of learning.